KLOWN: The Series - Season 1

KLOWN: The Series - Season 1

Includes episodes: The Fifth Anniversary, The New Danes, The Butler, Dalai Lama, The Godfather of Drugs, Don't Lift the Dog, Father's Last Wish, Size 10, Aarstiderne, Bye Mum!

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KLOWN: The Series - Season 1

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  • The Fifth Anniversary

    Frank has forgotten his fifth anniversary with Mia, and plans to go to a monster truck show with Casper instead. Unfortunately, Iben Hjejle’s grandmother falls seriously ill, and this causes problems for Frank and Casper. Casper’s friend, John Zoffman, has a serious back injury that burns all the...

  • The New Danes

    Jarl Friis Mikkelsen is working with Casper on a re-launch of the TV series ”Matador” - now as an animated film. Frank falls out with the Pakistani import-export man in the office next door because he plays loud ethnic music, and this has consequences for Casper and Jarl’s project. And under unfo...

  • The Butler

    The occasion of Michael Carøe becoming a father is celebrated with a boys' night out. Frank has hired a stripper and acquires the nickname, Boob Man. Frank isn't pleased with Mia because she never buys enough bacon when she goes shopping. Her response is to appoint Frank as the butler. Frank borr...

  • Dalai Lama

    Casper and Frank are about to close a deal with Palle Strøm. And when Palle goes on a date with Szhirley, Jokeren’s ex-girlfriend, he borrows Frank’s beloved blazer in order to feel cool, something which has serious consequences for both of them. An old friend visits Mia, and Frank has big proble...

  • The Godfather of Drugs

    Frank’s doctor offers Frank a line of coke. Mia, Iben and Bodil go away for the weekend, and Casper invites Michael Carøe and Steen Jørgensen from Sort Sol and a few others to a boys' night. Heavily under the influence of alcohol, the party decide that Steen Jørgensen is going to get a couple of ...

  • Don’t Lift the Dog

    Frank bumps into his ex-girlfriend in a dumpster looking for a gold watch. Casper is shocked that Frank ever dated someone who could fall so low. She invites Frank and Mia for dinner. They arrive with half a pork roast as a present, and it all turns into rather an embarrassing affair.

  • Father's Last Wish

    Frank has his phimosis checked. He insists on being present at Mia's next gynaecological check-up. And he spoils Ole Bornedal's enthusiasm for one of his and Casper's film scripts. Frank's father comes to visit and presses Frank to help him with a strange job.

  • Size 10

    Casper's celebrity soccer team, which includes Lars Højer and Mads Mikkelsen, is beset by cancellations in the lead up to an important match. Frank gets a place on the team by begging but has to get his own soccer boots. He loses his footing on the sludgy court, and it all ends in a veritable con...

  • Aarstiderne

    Mia and Frank return from holiday to find that Aarstiderne has delivered boxes of fruit to their door, and the fruit is now rotten. Frank battles with the complaints, the stench, anger, and a dyslexic delivery boy with a history of violence. Frank is a bit sluggish after the holiday, so he and Ca...

  • Bye Mum!

    Frank is busy before going to a boys' lunch at Casper's with Jan Gintberg, Lasse Rimmer, Lars Hjortshøj and Mikael Wulff, as he has to move his mother's urn to another place at the cemetery, due to damp. And he has promised Casper to bring both chicken salad and a stripper for lunch. Frank insult...

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